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Cheese Puffs and Caviar 2
Danny stood against the wall in the hallway as he watched Vlad march up the stairs carrying Edana's large suitcases. The boy was quite enjoying himself watching the older man strain under the weight of the immense luggage with stickers of chibi characters all over them. This guy can kick my butt, but he can't carry a suitcase? What a pussy.
Vlad dropped the luggage with a loud thud in front of the room next to Danny's. "She's…not staying next to me, is she?"
The older man slapped a sly grin across his face. "Why, as a matter of fact, she is. This might come as an extreme surprise to you, Daniel, but I do not trust you, nor like you for that matter."
Danny growled. "Well, you're the one who can't keep his perverted eyes off of her. Why can't she stay next to you?"
"Because I am not a delinquent fourteen year old who is inexperienced in his own powers."
"Is there a problem?"
Danny and Vlad turned to see Edana at the top of the stairs carrying two large bags on her shoulders. Her greenish
:icondanny-vs-vlad:danny-vs-vlad 1 2
Cheese Puffs and Caviar 1
Riding in a limo…going down a private road…passing trees…Vlad still sitting with an icepack on his face…more trees…Danny sighed as he pressed his forehead against the tinted window. Boy was he having fun today…not. Danny flopped his back against the leather seats and sighed loudly. Vlad glared at him out of the corner of his swollen eye. "Oh, get off it Daniel! You are acting like such an infant. Grow up for once in your juvenile life."
Danny glared daggers at him. "At least I didn't get sucker-punched by a guy in orange spandex."
That hit the cord. Vlad's face jerked at Danny and the purple on his face made him look overly satanic. "You are going to be staying with me for an entire week, boy! Now, either we swallow our pride and get it over with, or I make your time here a living hell!"
Danny slumped in his seat. "You only did this to impress my mom, didn't you?"
"Of course!" Vlad said with a grin. "And, thanks to you, I now have quite a nice taste in my mouth, thank you very much."
:icondanny-vs-vlad:danny-vs-vlad 2 1
Contest winner 1
Of Cheese Puffs and Caviar
Just Kill Me Now!
"WHAT!" Vlad yelled into the phone in desperation. "You can't be…yes…yes…I know, but…wait, I…I can't, don't you…I know, I know! Just listen, I…Why do you have to do this now?…for Maddie, eh? Well…" Vlad growled. He threw his head back and rubbed his temple as he spoke on the phone. "Look here, Jack, I…what did you just say to me?…I know…I know, but I…yes, I can afford it, but…I…yes…wait, I…" Vlad slammed his hand down on the table. "Shut up will you for one minute you bas-…settled? What are you…hold on a…don't you DARE hang up on me you great big-"
The loud dial tone on the other end of the phone signified that the conversation had just ended between Jack Fenton and Vlad Masters. Vlad gritted his teeth and squeezed the phone until his knuckles grew white in frustration. He slammed the phone down on the receiver hard enough to make the small table wobble. He stood fuming and balled his hands up into fists. Vlad threw his head back a
:icondanny-vs-vlad:danny-vs-vlad 1 0
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Just a quick question and update from us :D I was just wondering, has the fact that DP has ended effected how much you watch the show? And another thing.... has the fight for another season been won, or do we still have nothing D: .... just wondering and checkin to see if everyone is still alive. Please respond to this! :D

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